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Grand Theft Auto V Is Coming

We don’t spend much time playing video games, but every now and again there is a title that demands attention. While the Uncharted’s and Modern Warfare’s of the world are truly great, the crown must rest with the mighty Grand Theft Auto series of games. The last release, GTA IV was epic in scale and boasted a story line fit for the best of Hollywood. It also set a 24 hour game sales record (though it has since been surpassed). That was back in early 2008. 

The announcement we all knew was coming then, was that of GTA V. That is the announcement we got this week, and on Nov. 2nd, we’ll be treated to the first trailer of the upcoming fifth installment of the GTA franchise. Where will the game be set? Who will be the antagonist/protagonist? When is it set? Will we see any recurring characters? Look for clues to these big questions and more and get ready to entertain any and all theories as to story line. 

Keep an eye on this site for more info as it comes in. 

Fresh From The Past, The DeLorean Will Hit 21st Century Streets As An EV


You just might remember the DMC DeLorean from a certain trilogy of movies staring Michael J Fox, who managed to find trouble in the past, present and future thanks to something called a flux capacitor. While the car itself may have languished in mediocrity from a performance/technological standpoint, Back To The Future elevated it to cult status, despite DMC’s late drug wrangling founder, John DeLorean. This hunk of pop culture is ready to once again make an appearance in the 21st century, thanks to the companies new owners, who have teamed up with the people at Epic EV. Which, you guessed it, means the DMC incarnate will be electric. 

Plans were announced last week to bring the DMC-12 (as it will be called) into production by 2013. Still a couple years shy of the car’s first fictional appearance in this decade, a la BTTF II. Early info suggests the car will have a top speed of 125mph thanks to a maximum 260 horsepower and be priced just south of $100,000. We’ve got our fingers crossed that the gulling doors will remain.

Keep an eye peeled on DMC’s site for further info. Until then, bust out the VHS player and indulge in the adventures of Marty McFly and Doc getting some real use of a DeLorean. 

Hublot Reveals The Heart Of Its Own Antikythera Device

Yesterday, Hublot lifted the lid on a new caliber, the 2033-CH01, which will power their very own Antikythera device for the wrist. You may not find Hublot particularly interesting, but the inspiration for this project is a fascinating discovery and a testament to the technological prowess of the scholars and engineers of Antiquity.

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Saying Farewell To A Legend

"Don’t be trapped by dogma - which is living with the results of other people’s thinking." - Steve Jobs

The world has lost a truly special human being today with the passing of Steve Jobs. Regardless of your feeling about Apple, which kind of phone you prefer or what kind of computer you use, Steve has touched the way each of us interact with not only technology, but the world around us. There isn’t much we can say here that you won’t read elsewhere, so we’ll just share one of our favorite speeches given by the man. 

Meet LM1, MB&F’s Newest Creation

Today MB&F have announced their heavily anticipated new machine, only it’s not what you have anticipated. The watch shown today is part of a new line at MB&F called Legacy Machine, and revealed today, is LM1. As you can see, this is the companies first round watch, and pays homage to centuries past watchmakers. That doesn’t mean there isn’t a twist though. 

Right off the bat, you can see the giant balance wheel floating above the dial, so you know MB&F has left a good amount of their DNA in this watch. The design comes from the charismatic front man, Max Busser, with the engineering and finishing coming at the capable hands of Jean-François Mojon and Kari Voutilainen. Head over to HODINKEE for the full story on this incredible machine, including a couple videos of the dramatic dial side. 

Must Read: The New Rules Of Wine

The good folks over at GQ have been busy soaking up some new-school knowledge from some of the best winos around, and they’re sharing their findings with us in A Guide To The New Rules Of Wine. Great wine has never been more accessible, and this list should remove much of the intimidation factor when buying or ordering. Throw everything you thought you knew about the this stuffiest of beverages out the window, and you might get a whole new perspective on wine. 

Here’s a short passage that should pique your interest…

There’s no traditional word for ‘winemaker’ in French, Spanish, or Italian, because over there they’d like you to think that we humans are just humble servants of the soil’s desire to express itself. Of course grapes grown in different places taste different; that’s a banality no one disputes. But so much has to happen to those grapes before they end up in your glass, and someone—the winemaker—has to call those shots.

Read the full article right here.

Source GQ

MAN UP: Cigars

What better way to follow up whisky than with a fellow vice, and one that happens to go exquisitely well with the drink. Cigars are perhaps equally as misunderstood, but offer the same variety of flavors and textures waiting to be discovered.

They’ve been glamorized by the likes of George Burns, Babe Ruth, Alfred Hitchcock and of course, Winston Churchill. They’re synonymous with lucrative success, and are the preferred manner of celebration of newly minted fathers. Beyond this rustic image though, lies a complex world of shapes, sizes and flavors, accessible to even the most sensitive palettes among us. 

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Peel Garlic Like A Man

We’ve got plenty of food based articles around the corner here at TCL, but we couldn’t resist sharing this video with you first. Saveur Magazine’s executive food editor, Todd Coleman gives a brilliant tip that will not only save you time in the kitchen, but spare your fingers in the process. The tip… peeling an entire head of garlic in less than 10 seconds, without even touching it no less. 

Sure it might not be as sexy as using the broad side of your chef’s knife, but this will save you many minutes when cooking. When you’re managing an entire meal, that counts for a lot. How you end up using that garlic is another story, but we’d suggest taking a look at these for some helpful guidance. 

Managing An Image

We’ve talked about the value and character that the vintage watch market can offer discerning and patient buyers, but there is something more that we didn’t quite touch on: image. A Rolex for instance, can say two very different things about you, depending on when it was made. Being that we encourage a deliberate nature to decisions of style (kinda adds the whole substance thing), a little knowledge goes a long way. 

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